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Georgia and Mason 12.6.12



Amazing Grace Reflecting over 2012

Here it is well over a year since my last post.  I have many good reasons such as I had 3 new granchildren born last year, I Facebook more than blog, my family, traveling, work, life......The list goes on and on.  I learn more with each passing day and really enjoy a good bible study that deepens my relationship with my Sweet Savior.  I am so grateful this year that we have a pastor who teaches the bible....and a women's group that is steadfast and strong.  There may always be those things which I do not understand, and life can throw you curves, but press on....

On Sept 30, 2012, little Anna Faith Newbern was born (Grandchild #7) and she just happened to be born on Grandchild #3's birthday.  Taylor was excited to have someone born on his Birthday....even though he was born on his Aunt Jessie's Birthday.  This was child numbe 3 for Lori and Burt....She is simply BEAU TI FUL. 

On Dec 6.2012 (12.6.12), my first born and his wife had my 2nd set of twin grandchildren!!!  How blessed I am and still in awe of our miraculous God.  Georgia Elizabeth and Carl "Mason" Sumner were born to Seth and Katie Sumner in the wee hours of the morning.  It was quite an event to be there during this wonderful time as their 1st children came into this world.  To hold these precious newborns and see who they favor and of course, hold them tightly.  #loveoverflowing....

I am still in awe of our sweet Lord and his many blessings upon this family.  That He carries us through each and every day and loves us more than we can comprehend. 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Life Lessons has been almost one year since I last posted. I have so many things on my mind. The past two years have been hard for me in so many different ways.....but God's grace is always, always sufficient! He carries me through. Today has been a very reflective day for me and I am remembering a time long ago when I was a single mom with 2 small hard and yet such a blessing. Exhausting, but blessed. It was so hard to be so young and have two small children when your husband tells you that he just cannot handle the responsibility of a wife and two children.....sometimes I think "gee, could you have told me that a little sooner"......then I know that without those two small children in my life...well, it would not have been my life. For as long as I can remember all I truly ever wanted was to have a house full of children. I did the best I could with little income but lots of energy. Did I make mistakes? You bet I did....but I have raised some very "wise beyond their years" children. Even my 8 year old has been described as an "old soul". I kind of like the term. When I look back at my mistakes, I see the worst one that I made was trying so hard to be a mother and a father to my two small children. You cannot replace what is missing in their lives no matter how hard you try. When they were small, I overheard one of them talking and saying "I wonder what Daddy is getting me for my birthday?" I knew the I wrapped a gift and put "love, Daddy" on that gift. It was the best gift they received....because their Daddy loved them and cared.... Their Dad did love them, but did not know how to show them that love.....even in something as small as a token gift for their birthday...the gift that says "I remember the day you were born and you are so very special to me." I let them get away with things that I should not have because I felt sorry for them having an absent parent. If there is one thing I can tell you today is when Dad is absent (whether Job or Divorce or for any reason)....stay strong and discipline your children. Yes, you have to be the tough one. You are the one there. Yes, you get tired, but when they have behavior issues at school, at home, and at church.....discipline them. You have no choice and they will eventually respect you for your decisions. Tough love is a tough term, but when dad is absent for whatever reason, Dad doesn't want to discipline them...he doesn't want to be the bad guy, and truth be known he probably feels guilty for "not being there" so the last thing he wants to do is discipline them. Be strong Mom, keep them busy, love them, hug them, but keep them in line. Do bible studies with your children, do daily bible verses with them, pray over them and with them daily. The Lord will provide not only strength for you, but a God fearing child who will one day appreciate his/her Mom on a higher level than you can imagine. Love the Lord God with all you strength, your might, your heart, and your soul....

Have a truly blessed day

Sunday, December 26, 2010's been a long time

So, It has been a terribly long time since I posted to this blog....let's see.
Larkin turned 7 this year, Clara and Jonathan turned 2, and Taylor and John turned 5. We have traveled more this year than any other year that I can remember of late.
We not only went to the beach and Disney again this year, but to NY, Philly, Hershey, Asheville, Memphis (for a CE, yuk! but we still had fun)! We have been to many Civil War Battlefields, learned some very interesting life lessons and spent more time on the road than I care to remember!
Our trip to NY was fascinating, we went with Carl, Laura, Caley, and Cavan! We did have a lot of fun and saw many sites that Larkin wanted to the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, M&M World, Hersheys, saw the Lion King on Broadway, The King Tut Exhibition, The American Museum of Natural History (Gum Gum Dum Dum), The Empire State Building, and The Top of the Rock.....rode the subway, took a few cabs, but mostly walked and walked and walked! Then we went to Hershey where we got to make our own candy bars! Yum! Then to Philly to see the Liberty Bell, US Mint, Constitution Hall, and finally Carley in the Thanksgiving Day Parade!
I had a tough year with some unbelievable junk from someone who had always needed my help but tried to drag me down when the path they laid for themselves went under....I may never understand fully why, but I know the truth and that's all I need to know! I think people have a general lack of respect and a huge reserve of selfishness....its not like it used to be and when respect is missing and selfishness kicks in.....enough said.....
I am so grateful for this amazing child that I have and his sweet Daddy...
My baby is so good to his Mommy and good to Santa was good to him.... He tried to call his sisters and brother Christmas morning...he was so excited and just wanted to share with one answered....but finally Brother called back and spent Christmas Day and night with him! Maybe Seth was right.....brothers do have a special bond...sister do too though....I know how close I am to my sister. I missed being at home with my folks this year for Christmas.....wish we had stayed through the holidays with them! On Christmas Day, my family goes to each granchild's home to see them on Christmas Day, get some hugs, play some games...The kids eyes light up....that is hard to replace....
If we were at home with my family, Christmas would be less stressful and so much fun! Granddaddy called and said how much he missed seeing Larkin on Christmas morning.....
I know just how he feels......maybe it is just something that we realize with time....the most important thing on Christmas Day is Jesus, family, and lots and lots of love!
Hugs, Laura

Friday, March 5, 2010

Brooklyn and Brandon Turn 7

It has been so long since I blogged...I don't know where to start! Life has been very busy, very...
Brooklyn and Brandon turned 7 on March 2. It is so hard to believe how fast they grow up and just how beautiful they are!
Larkin is being baptized Sunday, March 7th on Mama's, of course, Grandmama will be here to see her youngest grandchild's baptism. Mama and Daddy will be here, Seth and Katie, Brandy, Jason, Brooklyn, Brandon, Taylor, Jonathan, MiMi and John, Heather and Doug, Jordyn and Jadyn. My heart is so joyful! Larkin has talked about God and Jesus for as long as I can remember. He is really excited about his new life! I will post pictures later.
I have been working on Larkin's yearbook at City! I have so many projects going on right now, I don't know how any of them are getting completed!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our first UT Football game Sept 5, was a blowout!

Our first UT game of the 2009 Season. Of course it was a blow out...we won like 63 to 7....
It was really hot but we had a good time tailgating and hitting the Vol Village. Aunt Sissy went with us and it was a very good day! We were really tired though at the end of the day.....

My baby on game day with his Game Face....he
loves this and plans it long before we get to the game!

One of Larkin's favorite parts of the Vol Village!

My boys! Larkin has decided to wait until he is 27
to get married like Brother....fine with me! It is just
that the older he is the greater the chance that I will
look like the mother of the groom and not his sister! Bahaha!

Larkin and Maddie just hanging out in in tree on Game Day!
They had such a great time!

My baby boy!

Big UT Father, like Son...
too bad Larkin looks so much like ME! LOL!

Aunt Sissy and Dad......we tried to get her in a UT shirt!
Larkin just did not understand....Grandmama wore one!

Maddie May (ok, so it was April!)....what a cutie!
And she Likes my baby boy....He likes her too!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Jonathan is turning one year old! Wow!

My youngest grandchild, Jonathan, turned one on September 7, 2009 and Aunt Katie turned, well a year older on the same day! I took these pictures of Jonathan at our house a few days before his 1st birthday.....He is too cute!

Look! (one of his 1st and favorite sayings!)

My little UT man! WooHoo!

Yeah! Jonathan!

Brothers....Brandon and Jonathan

Love that smile!

John, Clara, and SIssy Lori spend the weekend!

John and Clara and Lori spent the weekend with us. It was so much fun. Brandon and Taye came over and spent the night as well. Brandon was so good with Clara. He made me get my camera and take pictures of her...she was so cute!

I actually got Brandon in a picture as it was his
suggestion to take he posed with Clara.

Of course Papaw had to get the tractor out!
John loves John Deere tractors.

Clara got up there, but did not like it at all when
Papaw cranked the tractor up!

Uncle Larkin with Clara Bell!

He loves his nieces and nephews!

Just a minute boys...let me get my helmet!

Larkin's 1st day of 1st grade! My how time flies!

Larkin's first day of 1st grade! My how time flies. He said next year he wants a much longer summer. School is boring, boring, boring! He would much rather just stay at home with Mommy and Daddy and enjoy his life. This kid has it made! He does like his teacher (he said she was fantastic!) and his friends and I think he will like 1st grade. Keep your fingers crossed!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Destin 09 Family Trip

Our family vacation: We left the day after Seth and Katie's wedding and had a great time in Destin! Some photos of our trip...Larkin had the best time ever!

My parents, sister, brother, and me

Lora, Jordan, Daddy, Mama, and Olivia

My twinlets....

My baby boy....and his Mommy

My baby's feet...he is getting so big!

Carley, Laura, Caley, Carl, and CavaRoo!

The Cayster!

Cousins! The two youngest...CavaRoo and LarkiePooh!
The only Fulp and The only Casteel....
These two will have to carry on our Family names!
I am hoping they each have 2 boys and 1 girl!

Seth and Katie's Wedding July 11, 2009

Seth and Katie's wedding was beautiful and we all had so much fun! It was great! The kids had a blast, especially our two very outgoing Larkin and Brooklyn! What a perfect night!

The happy couple.

Yes, we look more like sister and brother than Mother and Son!
Maybe when Larkin gets married....THEN I will look like the Mother of the groom!

About to leave for the honeymoon...all smiles....

My precious daughter and I...

My little man admiring the view....

Larkin made Aunt Sissy take this picture...
Look closely and you will see Larkin's reflection
on the left side of this picture...pretty cool Aunt Sissy!

Caley, Brooklyn, and Carley...great shot (whoever took it!)
Thanks! My beautiful nieces and beautiful granddaughter!

Taye Bug and Carley Sue!

Jason, Jonathan, Brandy, Katie, and Seth

Yes, we still got it!

Getting rid of the "monkey suit"

And I was afraid he would dance like his daddy! LOL!
Ha, this boy got his moves from his Mama! Just like
brother and sister! YAY!

Elvis didn't have anything on this little man!

The original....sister and brother!

Jordan and Granddaddy "bustin' a move"!

Good genes run in the family...yes we look like
sisters too! Mama and me!

The best sister and the best identical twins
(and most beautiful) in the whole wide world!

Laura and my favorite brother, Carl
(and yes we do look alike and yes she has my name!) LOL!

Cavan taking care of Taye bug! How sweet!

See I told you! I'm not so sure Laura is
liking this too much since she is now older than me! LOL!

My almost triplets....
Uncle Larkin with his 1st niece and
twinlets....Brooklyn and Brandon!

You go girl!

Brookie and Aunt Katie! She was so excited!

Aunt Betty, Aunt Nancy, and Uncle Raymond.
Aunt Betty, we wouldn't have made it without you!
Thank you for everything and for being here!

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